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† Only One God †

From my first trip to India 23
years ago, to my 50th trip a
couple of weeks ago, India
still amazes me. There are
over 100,000 gods that are
worshiped, but yet only One
God gives peace, healing and
eternal life. I have seen gods
that are 1 inch high to over 20
feet high.  Some gods have
10 arms, some have an
elephant nose, some look
like snakes, and some are
half human and half animal. 
But only One God sent his
son to earth because of His
love for us.  This Son was
crucified, buried, and rose
again because of His love for
us!  And now, we have the
opportunity to share His love
or should I say obligation, to
share this God with 1.2 billion
people in India and the rest of
the world.



Baptisms in Mumbai!!

Click on this link to
  check them out!

My pastor,
Keith Kerstetter,
made a statement
that brought it all
together. He said,
"Mercy doesn't ask,
'do they deserve it?'
it simply asks,
'do they suffer?'"

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Welcome To Hope In The Night!

Halfway around the globe a dream is coming true. Gary Crowe has had a
desire for 20 years to somehow, someway make the life of little children
in India better and easier. Since his first trip to Vijayawada and Mumbai,
India in 1988 and over  39 trips after that, the desire to help children has
only intensified.

It is in the heart of God to raise orphans and destitute children and we
believe that preparing each child academically as well as spiritually will
enable these orphaned and vulnerable children to become strong leaders
who will help turn their country around.  We know that it is a task we could
never accomplish without the helping hand of friends like you. We indeed
pray that you will be encouraged to partner with us to give these children
the future they deserve.

NEW SOUND SYSTEM FOR NLFA-New Life Fellowship Association (Colaba)


Hope In The Night purchased a new sound system for the Mumbai
Church. Since they do not have a permanent building, the sound
system needed to be portable. For special events they rent a large
auditorium and for normal Sunday services they rent a small
auditorium. The sound system needs to be able to work in both settings.

In any Indian Christian meeting/service, there is a lot of music. Music
is a great attraction to get people to come. From praise and worship
to special songs, and even scripture dance, music is the #1 way for
bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of India!


As many of you know, there were five other people going with me on
this last trip January 2014. Well, they all had problems with their Visa's
for the trip.  Because we already had many projects planned, we could
not cancel the trip, so I went by myself.

It was a busy trip, but a good trip. We have rescheduled the trip for the
five others to go on March 20th of this year. We already have most of the
Visa's OK'd at this time. The Indian people were as disappointed as the
people who were going to go with me. Please pray for this next trip.
Pray that God pours His blessings on this trip. A few of our plans are the
Medical Clinics, blanket distribution, children's trip, TB Hospital treat
distribution and more.



Widows' Sunday

One Sunday was Widows' Sunday. We gave 46 widows a new sari
Indian ladies dress) and a gift bag of goodies. Lots of smiles, thank you's,
and hugs from the widows. Something special happens when you bless
a widow. It seems God opens up the heavens and blesses everything you do.

Please see more pictures of the January 2014 trip in our photo gallery.

2013 Trip--

I realized many years ago working with an on-going, full-time ministry
in India, that it isn't always new and exciting.  Sometimes it's just hard
work.  This trip to the Children's home was just that, hard work.  On this
trip I concentrated on repair and maintenance.  When I arrived at the
children's home, the well motor had failed ten days before.  They were
having a water tank deliver water every other day.  So that was the first

The last week that I was at the home we tackled lots of projects:

  • Repair of the well motor.
  • Purchased a motor to pump water
           (from underground storage when the electricity is down.)
  • Repaired the generator.
  • Purchased kitchen pots and pans.
  • Purchased two mixers for the kitchen
  • Purchased battery-operated lights for use when the power is out.
  • Had an electrician do many repairs in the home, including
           a new electrical box.
  • Repaired the air conditioner

Electricity is a big problem in rural India.  The electricity for the well
is on a separate line.  The government only gives electricity one hour
in the morning and one hour in the evening.  During that time we
have to fill the tanks on top of the buildings so we have water
pressure for washing and the toilets. 

I realize all this doesn't sound very spiritual and exciting, but it's
part of this kind of ministry and we are very thankful to God for
supplying all these needs!


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