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Hope In The Night


Welcome and Blessings from Hope in the Night Ministries!

Halfway around the globe a dream is coming true. Gary Crowe has had a
desire for 20 years to somehow, someway make the life of little children
in India better and easier. Since his first trip to Vijayawada and Mumbai,
India in 1988 and over  39 trips after that, the desire to help children has
only intensified.

It is in the heart of God to raise orphans and destitute children and we
believe that preparing each child academically as well as spiritually will
enable these orphaned and vulnerable children to become strong leaders
who will help turn their country around.  We know that it is a task we could
never accomplish without the helping hand of friends like you. We indeed
pray that you will be encouraged to partner with us to give these children
the future they deserve.


NEW SOUND SYSTEM FOR NLFA-New Life Fellowship Association (Colaba)


Hope In The Night purchased a new sound system for the Mumbai
Church. Since they do not have a permanent building, the sound
system needed to be portable. For special events they rent a large
auditorium and for normal Sunday services they rent a small
auditorium. The sound system needs to be able to work in both settings.

In any Indian Christian meeting/service, there is a lot of music. Music
is a great attraction to get people to come. From praise and worship
to special songs, and even scripture dance, music is the #1 way for
bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of India!


MAY 2014 TRIP:

Mother Theresa one said, "The worst disease is not leprosy, cancer, TB
or HIV, but it is the feeling of being unwanted and rejected."

I was raised to know that there is a God that wants me. I have a family
that makes me feel wanted. I have friends that make me feel wanted.
I am very blessed. This trip made me realize that many people feel
they are unwanted, unloved, and have no place to turn. If Hope In The
Night can accomplish only one thing, it would be to show people that
they are wanted. Not only by a loving God, but by people here on
earth, whom they can see and feel. The team that went with me on this
past trip to India, did an excellent job of showing God's love to the
people of India.

I was very fortunate to have five people who loved, prayed, played,
sang, taught, and even gave medical care to hundreds of people.
Peter Johnson is from Wilmar, Minnesota; Terry Stutzman and his
daughter Heather, are from Milford, Nebraska. Shelley Lorenz and
her 14-year-old son, Luke, are also from Milford, Nebraska. Even
though many times there were tears in their eyes, they brought
a lot of joy to many. I asked each one if they would go again, they
all said, "OH YA!!" I have asked each of them to tell something
about their experiences in India. You can find their testimonials




The May 2014 Newsletter is now available for download!  If you did not
receive a copy in the mail or you are interested in printing more out to
distribute around to your community, click here and you will be directed to all
of our archived newletters.





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